Materials Separation

Recycle More Plastic & Save Money with Fine Material Separation Services for Business Throughout the Midwest and Southwest United States

Materials Separation - Industrial Resin Recycling LLC - spearate2Industrial Resin Recycling offers a polymer recovery system that can wash, separate and dry plastic recycled material.

The separated material can be recovered and conveyed for further processing; this will save the cost of the material and prevent the material from being landfilled.

We can accomplish plastic separation from other material with our state of the art system. The concept relies on the specific gravities of various materials processed. 

Our process includes high-intensity friction washer, spin dryer, and a polymer recovery fine separator to remove any unwanted material fines.  We can also run moisture test to ensure that we meet regrind processing levels.

At that completion of the run, we will inspect and run press plaques on all boxes to ensure its purity.

Material Separation Process:

  • Separate material
  • High-intensity friction washer to remove paper or unwanted substance
  • High-intensity spin dryer
  • Fine separator 
  • The system can process at rates of up to 2,000 pounds per hour depending on the bulk density of the material.

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