Full-Service Plastic Grinding for the Midwest and Southeast US

Plastic Grinding Services - Alabama & Michigan - Industrial Resin - grinding3We use advanced plastic grinding equipment to control grind size and fit our customer’s exact specifications.

As North America’s largest plastic waste recyclers, Industrial Resin Recycling has extensive experience supporting both large and small businesses in creating a cost-effective recycling program. 

All material passes through ferrous, non-ferrous metal detectors and magnets to guarantee the material remains free of contamination. We have grinders that range from 30 HP to 200 HP. Our versatile equipment size allows us to be competitive at all quantities of tolling. Industrial Resin Recycling specializes in part separation and disassembly. We can separate most co-extrusions and two-shot injection parts and can remove ferrous and non-ferrous inserts. 

Whether you need simple or complex toll grinding, we offer a fast turnaround with little to no waste. Our affordable prices and efficient operation have grown our business into Michigan’s largest plastic recycler.

Why Choose Industrial Resin Recycling as Your Partner in Plastic Shredding, Grinding & Recycling?

  • Highly experienced and trusted service provider
  • Exceptional quality standards and assurance processes
  • Our warehousing service increases your available space
  • Eliminate the hassles of in-house processing
  • Reduce equipment and maintenance costs
  • Fast turnaround and affordable service

For guaranteed quick recovery of raw and reusable materials, no matter how large your plastic grinding needs, contact the team at Industrial Resin Recycling.  We offer a full-service solution to reducing your material costs with an eco-friendly approach.

Let us help you reduce your plastic waste and production costs. Call today at (517) 548-4140 to schedule an on-site evaluation or request a quote for our Michigan plastic toll grinding and compounding services.