ISO 9001 Certified Plastic Compounding & Quality Testing for Suppliers and Manufacturers Throughout the Midwest and Southeast US

Plastic Compounding - Alabama & Michigan - Industrial Resin Recycling - toll-compoundingYour compounded products undergo rigorous quality testing and assurance processes to ensure a superior final product.

We can re-pelletize your regrind to make it easier to use back into your process. We can custom mix products according to customer needs. We also have material drying and blending capabilities. With the aid of top-notch compounding tools and equipment, we will employ the necessary process of compounding the essential additives to the ground materials to ensure that it meets the target qualities and properties for excellent material.

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Offering Premium Resin Manufacturing from Recycled Materials

At Industrial Resin Recycling, we utilize the preferred strand pelletizing process whenever possible, based on the type of material and intended use for the resulting compound formulation. This results in compounds that effectively feed on most extruders. 

When you partner with Industrial Resin Recycling, our trained lab technicians will work with you to develop a quality control process that results in a consistently exceptional product. Additionally, we offer complete raw material pick-up, transportation, and warehousing services. 

Let us help you make the green decision to reduce your plastic waste, while also lowering production costs. Call today at (517) 548-4140 to schedule an on-site evaluation or request a quote for our Michigan plastic toll grinding and compounding services.