Whitmore Facility

Whitmore, MI Plastic Production and Distribution

Plastic Recycling & Production Services - Whitmore Lake MI - home-callout-location-processing-receivingRecycled plastic production and distribution facility serving businesses throughout SE Michigan.



One of three facilities in Michigan owned and operated by Industrial Resin Recycling - the Whitmore location - is central to our operation.

Our team is dedicated to providing full-service solutions for your plastic recycling needs, which includes transportation, processing, storage, and distribution. Our centrally-located plastic distribution facility helps us ensure that your business receives the plastic materials you need, when you need them, with zero delays.

Industrial Resin Recycling is your partner in plastic recycling. Start focusing on your business while we handle your plastic recycling and processing needs, saving you money and helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Contact us today at (517) 548-4140 to schedule an assessment of your plastic materials.