What does Industrial Resin Recycling, Inc. do?

Industrial Resin Recycling, Inc. is a Plastic Manufacturer, Processor, Recycler, and Distributor. Our products are mainly resin application and quality polymer produce in the state of Michigan.

What are your services?

Industrial Resin Recycling, Inc. is committed to providing quality polymer and resin products to the abundance of beneficiary industries at work. Being one of the leading Plastic Recycling Recyclers in Michigan MI, we strive to maintain the service excellence we are known for, serving you with the high-test industry standards in the following services:

Toll Compounding
Warehouse Distribution
Recovery Programs

Where are your warehouses located?

Industrial Resin Recycling, Inc. is established in the state of Michigan. We have two (2) locations in Howell:

1480 Grand Oaks Dr
3333 W. Grand River Ave

And one in 11001 Leman Rd, Fowlerville, MI.

What are the processes in recycling plastics?

Plastics are products of the modern civilizations that need to be recycled so environmental effects are minimized. Recycling plastics takes a simple process, essentially undergoing the following:

Sorting. Probably one of the most crucial stage of plastic recycling. It is the first phase where plastics are collected by the recycler company to undergo the process. It is critical because the recyclers need to determine the type of the plastic and sort them out individually so the quality of the recycled plastics are not compromised by the time it reaches the higher phases of the process.

Washing Plastics. The second stage begins when all plastic types are classified accordingly. By this time, the plastic wastes are washed and cleaned of impurities and other materials that can lower the quality of the finished product.

Fraying. Fraying, also termed as plastic shredding, refers to the stage in plastic processing that employs the use of a specialized equipment that tears and rips the plastic into small pieces and grinds.

Grade Classification. At this stage, the grinded and frayed produce are subjected to tests for identification and classification. They are checked for reaching the specification priorly set.

Extrusion. Using an Extrusion Machine, the washed and classified plastics are melted and formed into new products such as pipe, window frames, insulation products and more.

What is a Resin?

Resin is a sticky, flammable organic substance that can be exuded from plants. Resins are insoluble in water and are used by many industries to create a diverse variety of products such as the very usable plastic.

Contact Information

image Main Office / Manufacturing
1480 Grand Oaks Dr., Howell, Michigan 48843
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image Warehouse Distribution Center
3333 W Grand River Ave.
Howell, Michigan 48855
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image Production and Disassembly
705 Van Ripper
Fowlerville, MI 48836
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image Production and Disassembly
201 5th Avenue North
Piedmont, AL 36272
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image Phone: 517-548-4140   Fax: 517-548-4564
image Email: Info@Industrialresin.com

Areas We Serve

Industrial Resin Recycling, Inc. have different manufacture compounds that let us serve wider areas within and outside Michigan.
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